Why Do You Need a Dental Extraction?

Wisdom teeth signify your maturity level, sure, but the pain when they’re growing in can be unbearable. It’s a fact that more often than not, wisdom teeth will have to be extracted. But the actual process of pulling the teeth is usually not hard to go through.

The procedure that dentists use to extract any tooth is straightforward. From the dental x ray windsor images that will be taken first to the actual tooth extraction, you can trust that your dentist has done this procedure many times.

dental x ray windsor

Apart from impacted teeth like a wisdom tooth, there are several reasons why your teeth would need to get extracted.

Severe decaying of tooth

Negligence often costs a lot, and so is the case with a decayed tooth. If you get a tooth extraction before waiting too long, you might have to have a root canal procedure to prevent the bacteria from spreading more.

Elimination of extra teeth

In some cases, you may develop an extra pair of teeth on the outer or the inner side of the gums. This is not only unnatural but also uncomfortable for your mouth. Getting the extra tooth pulled will help your teeth remain in line.

Infection or Disease in the Gums

Gums can become infected – sometimes because of poor oral hygiene, smoking or other reasons. The infection can spread to the ligaments and bones of your tooth, if left untreated. If it gets severe, it may loosen your tooth, requiring an extraction.

Final Words

If you have a dull ache in a tooth or your gums are more sensitive (or are bleeding more), than they used to, it’s time to call your dentist. If dental extraction is the only option, you might as well get it taken care of before it causes more trouble.

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